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About us

Fondazione Ambienta is a non-profit organization established in Milan on 23 July 2010, registered in the Register of the Prefecture of Milan no. 1129 and compliant with the principles and relevant legal framework.

Fondazione Ambienta was established to promote projects encouraging a culture of respect for the environment, energy savings, recycling and more generally all those behaviours capable of effectively reconciling industrial development and environmental sustainability. Drawing from the notion that the values of an environmental culture cannot be simply limited to the protection of natural resources but rather should enhance them, Fondazione Ambienta considers investments in age based educational projects crucial to increase awareness of environmental sustainability among future generations.
La Fondazione is also committed to promoting and supporting projects that implement the “good practices” of sustainable development.

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How we operate

Fondazione Ambienta designs and manages informative projects, training and research on environmental sustainability, in collaboration with other non-profit organizations and projects that comply with sustainable development standards:

Fondazione Ambienta:

  • designs and creates educationally oriented texts and publications to help nurture a culture of respect for the environment from a very young age
  • establishes award competitions to encourage children to put into practice what they have learned
  • launches research projects aimed at nurturing and developing accurate scientific knowledge which, through monitoring, documentation and reworking, can facilitate access to the know-how developed on environment-related matters

Fondazione Ambienta will continue to evolve by proposing, year after year, new and innovative educational programs to enhance the environmental awareness of future adults.

A key partner in helping to achieve this objective is Librì Progetti Educativi, a publishing company that has been carrying out educational campaigns for children, young adults, their families and teachers for 25 years, on behalf of national and local public bodies, non-profit organizations and associations as well as some of the largest Italian and international companies.

La Fondazione selected Librì Progetti Educativi for its consolidated presence in the school system and for its proven ability to “make difficult things easy”, that is to convey even the most complex concepts to the youngest children, tackling issues with particular attention to the accurateness of content, aesthetic quality and innovative language.

Governing bodies

Board of Directors:
Nino Tronchetti Provera – President
Mauro Roversi
Daniele Gatti


Board of Auditors:
Claudio Cascone – effective member
Giuseppe Alessandro Galeano – alternate member
Annunziata Melaccio – alternate member
Francesca Marchiori – alternate member
Gianmarco Maffioli – alternate member

How to get involved


You can make donations by cheque or bank transfer, stating ‘EROGAZIONE LIBERALE’ or DONAZIONE’ as the purpose of the payment

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Exclusively reserved for Italian taxpayers/citizens

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