Tondo come il mondo / Edition 2020-2021

Plant a tree

Many scientists and researchers from all over the world agree that if we want to help our planet and the environment, we must not only safeguard forests, woods, seas, waterways … but also make our own city greener. How do we do it? Planting more and more trees in the city! In this way we will make the places where we live greener and more sustainable. As our children have learned by reading ‘Tondo come il mondo’, a tree not only makes a place more beautiful and green, but it is also useful for the environment. A tree improves the quality of air thanks to the oxygen it produces, and it is also a home for birds, insects and many other animals.

So why not try to express our love for the Earth with a tree? And why not with an entire forest! This is the challenge of the eleventh prize competition linked to the ‘Tondo Come il mondo’ educational campaign. Thanks to this fun activity, each student will be able to create their own tree. And all together they will form the forest of the class!

Winners 2020-2021


Primary School Barcon – IC Vedelago (TV) – class III U



Primary School Galileo Galilei – Alessandria – class III C




Primary School Selvaiezzi di Chieti – class III B