Toward the future / 2017-2018 Edition

Futuro. An opportunity to save the planet.

La Fondazione’s new educational project was distributed to 19,690 pupils from 300 different secondary schools across the country.

To participate in the project’s competition “TOWARD THE FUTURE”, each class was required to prepare a digital presentation explaining their idea for an environmentally driven and sustainable business.

The way the presentations were developed suggests that a team approach was widely adopted by each of the classes engaged in the project.

It is also striking to see how accurate and thorough most of the data and the information provided was. Some participants gave free rein to their imaginations while others drew inspiration from remarkable examples of already developed solutions to develop their solutions.

45 classes participated in the competition, totalling approx. 1,125 pupils and a redemption rate of 4,5% – a very satisfying result, especially considering it was in its first edition.

Winners 2017-2018


Secondary School G. Marconi – Castiglione dei Pepoli (BO) – class I B

Cibo in circolo



Secondary School Ungaretti – Rome – class II F

The project was developed in response to a concrete social emergency affecting the lives of the children and the environment in which they live (video not working)



Secondary School I.C. Pareto –Milano – class III D