Toward the future / 2018-2019 Edition

Second edition of Futuro. An opportunity to save the planet.

The competition called “Toward the future” represents the final phase of the course during which students are asked to transform the class cohort into a ‘Green Team’ and explain their idea of a company that can reconcile sustainable development and creativity.

The objective of highlighting an environmental emergency and finding ways to transform issues into opportunities to encourage sustainable development, potential employment and entrepreneurial practices, was achieved also thanks to the quality of the presentations, which contained comprehensive introductory sections often containing accurate data, graphs and explanatory images.

The most recognized issues were those associated with water, plastic waste and food waste.

The competition included 50 classes from 35 schools: an increase compared to the first edition.

Winners 2018-2019


Secondary School I.C. VIA ANAGNI – Rome – class I A

Cibiamoci di arte


Secondary School I.C. TEODORO CIRESOLA – Milan – class III E

Eliminate plastic


Secondary School FRANCESCO PETRARCA – Arquà Petrarca (PD) – class II A

Green clean world