Tondo come il mondo / 2015-2016 Edition

This year, students were invited to create a poster illustrating something about themselves and the seeds selected for the project, in line with this year’s theme, ‘Seeds and biodiversity’

Most of the seeds selected were well-known fruit, vegetable or flower seeds, although some choices were creative in their choice, and those who talked about themselves chose a seed that represented their family’s traditional dietary habits.

The concept of biodiversity was understood and interpreted by the children in relation to the “biodiversity” to themselves and their peers.

This year’s first award consisted of a Workshop, developed by the internationally recognized illustrator Agnese Baruzzi, aimed at creating a booklet illustrating the theme of deforestation and the greenhouse effect.

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Winners 2015-2016



Primary School of Cantalupo del Sannio (IS) – class V unica





I.C. II Polo Borgo – Gallipoli (LE) – class III A




Primary School Alberto Manzi – Rome – class IV C




Primary School of Beuil Cervinia, Valtournenche – class III U

For the unique idea of enhancing the tactile experience of the seed so to involve visually impaired individuals in the project.


Primary School S. Casella di Pedara (CT) – class IV B

For the insight and creativity used in explaining the identity of the seed


Primary School G. Pascoli di Ripalta (CR) – classes IV A and B

For drawing a correlation between the seed and the plant and a child’s growth.