Created in 2017, Futuro provides middle school children with an understanding of how sustainability creates opportunities in many different sectors and works to build a foundation for encouraging responsible choices in the future.

The text, written by Francesco Fagnani under the scientific supervision of Fabio Ranghino, Head of Ambienta’s Sustainability and Strategy function, addresses several current environmental concerns by focusing on issues of efficiency and pollution in the fields of energy, water, air, food, transport, consumption and waste. The approach, which is naturally interdisciplinary and comprised of different elements that together form one complex system, maintains a positive stand so to outline a context within which it is possible to identify innovative solutions to address critical issues, rather than focusing on the problems. These solutions are, and will increasingly become, professional as well as business opportunities.

The informative and educational project maintains a socio-economic viewpoint. A series of outstanding ‘case studies’ are included to provide examples of how, in the environmental and energy context in which we live, the Italian (and European) industrial fabric has been able to propose innovative and remarkable solutions in different fields, receiving worldwide recognition and praise. The aim is to encourage children and young adults to take a creative, proactive and conscious view of the professional opportunities that may arise in this sector.

Fondazione Ambienta together with Librì Progetti Educativi, publisher of the book, developed a competition to effectively involve children in the issues addressed in the book. A jury composed of members of Librì Progetti Educativi and Fondazione Ambienta selects the most outstanding work.


Under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment